What is advocacy?

Advocacy is a means of voicing your needs and wishes. Advocacy can be carried out by the people affected by an issue or problem, by other people representing them, or by both groups together.

How do Brí advocate?

  • Using personal knowledge and insight, we advocate to the government, to the HSE and to others about good care and services needed by people and families living with brain injury.
  • Group Advocacy –  Brí provide support groups around Ireland for people with brain injury, carers and family members. Read more…
  • We encourage people to self advocate for better services
  • Policy – Brí is continuously making policy submissions for government agencies and departments, particularly the HSE. Our members have made presentations to Seanad and Dáil members.Our goal is to influence national policy to improve quality of service for people with brain injuries in the following areas:

            ►More rehabilitation services

            ►Better support services



            ►More advocates around the country

  • National Policy/Strategy for the Provision of Rehabilitation Services The Department of Health and Children and the Health Service Executive are developing a National Policy/Strategy for the Provision of Rehabilitation Services. A Working Group has been established which includes key stakeholders and experts to assist with this process. Brí were involved on the committee and we made submissions to the rehab strategy which was published in December 2011. View the strategy here

Read more about what we do…

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